Grazing Brush

Stay cool and dodge the flies and clear the fields!

Greene Summer

Lots of rain this summer. Hard to grow vegetables but great for grass. 

Sneaky Bushes

The cattle have a short cut to taller forage: travel due east through the cool woods, jump the creek, emerge into the lush hidden pasture surrounded by woods. But nevermind the view … it’s all about finding the clovers and orchard grass. 

Duke, Sir

This regal animal just arrived at Greene Kitchen Farm to join the herd.  Duke sets the bar high for the rest of the American Milking Devon bulls. 

Spring Grazing Sheep

Katahdin hair sheep shed their coats each spring. The hair falls off in chunks or hangs like a cape to be found like a towel on the floor.  The flock lounges in a rye cover crop in what had been vegetable beds. 

Ginger Calf

Eowyn gave birth to her first calf – a heifer. I found her all dried off and curled up under some brush much like she is here.