Bale Jumping

The new activity in the barn. It’s a little scary, but very rewarding!

Frost shadow

In the morning sun, the frost flees the low-angled rays. But where the shadow of the animal shades, the frost remains. How long was the cow there? If the frost clings to the ground late in the day, does that mean that unseen cattle are shading it?

Fresh Pastured Turkeys

We’ve got a few smallish turkeys on the shelf in the walk-in that need brines, rubs, roasting pans, ovens, smokers, grills, basters, knives, tongs, serving dishes, tables, plates, salt and pepper, and eaters. Good eating!

Sausage Kitchen

Here’s the setup for our sausage testing summit.  We ruled out a couple of recipes and tweaked three: breakfast (with sage), sweet Italian, and hot Italian (but not, we think, too hot).

Bale Top Lamb

Our Katahdin sheep and Dexters cattle are feeding during a late winter afternoon in the barn yard.