Pastured Turkeys for Thanksgiving

We have a nice flock of turkeys foraging our pastures this fall.  These turkeys are lots of fun to watch as they are clipping off grass and forbs and hunting for insects.  They are amazing grazers.  In addition to the pasture, our turkeys are fed a grain ration from a local mill without the addition of any funky additives such …

2015 Vegetable CSA

Greene Kitchen Farm is pleased to invite you and yours to join us for the 2015 Vegetable CSA (product number: GKF2015_VCSA).  We are a small-scale CSA farm on the outskirts of Bloomsburg committed to stewarding our soil, air, and water resources responsibly while producing ‘good eating’ for our community.  We appreciate eaters who commit to supporting a local farm as …

Farm to Table

Nice little graphic of the supply chain options. Source:

Woodlot Pork

We’re happy to have these curious, ornery creatures on the farm. They have been unwittingly working for me eating honeysuckle and poison ivy day by day. These pigs have trails through the brush, a nice mud wallow in the swale (especially nice after a heavy rain), and a bunch of small walnut trees that they like to nap against.

Spring Scramble

Hey Folks! Not much time to work on the web—too much to do outside! Spring planting is on!