Frost shadow

In the morning sun, the frost flees the low-angled rays. But where the shadow of the animal shades, the frost remains. How long was the cow there? If the frost clings to the ground late in the day, does that mean that unseen cattle are shading it?

Fresh Pastured Turkeys

We’ve got a few smallish turkeys on the shelf in the walk-in that need brines, rubs, roasting pans, ovens, smokers, grills, basters, knives, tongs, serving dishes, tables, plates, salt and pepper, and eaters. Good eating!

Got Weeds?

The warm season stuff got way out of hand. This fall and spring we spend more time with the bush hog and moving cattle.


No. Not acid mine drainage. American Milking Devon, the breed that George Washington raised at Mt.Vernon. These triple purpose cattle have survived for hundreds of years only to end up here to eat our weedy brush (or brushy weeds). AMD boast their short fibered fast twitch muscle yet finish easily on forage. So far we’ve …