Greene Kitchen Farm grows and sells uncertified organic vegetables through our CSA.  We are a small farm (25 shares) between Bloomsburg and Danville committed to stewarding our soil, air, and water resources responsibly while producing ‘good eating’ for our community.  We nourish eaters who commit to supporting a local farm as we strive to produce healthy, delicious, and sustainably-grown produce.

CSA requires a different skill set for eaters and cooks than going to the grocery store  and different skills for farmers than growing and selling commodity crops.  For eaters, CSA means eating through the season, trying new vegetables, learning some new recipes, meeting new varieties of vegetables, and eating delicious food. For farmers, CSA means striving for quality and variety.  For both eaters and farmers, CSA means cutting out the middle man.  The eaters know where their food came from and how it was grown, and, less talked about, the farmers know where their food is going and how it is being enjoyed.

If you’d like to join us, sign-up here.  If you’d like to talk with us, give a call.