2015 Vegetable CSA

Greene Kitchen Farm is pleased to invite you and yours to join us for the 2015 Vegetable CSA (product number: GKF2015_VCSA).  We are a small-scale CSA farm on the outskirts of Bloomsburg committed to stewarding our soil, air, and water resources responsibly while producing ‘good eating’ for our community.  We appreciate eaters who commit to supporting a local farm as we strive to produce healthy, delicious, and sustainably-grown produce.

Potato Picker, Tomatoe Bucket, & a Farmscape

CSA requires a different skill set for eaters and cooks than going to the grocery store  and different skills for farmers than growing and selling commodity crops.  For eaters, CSA means eating through the season, trying new vegetables, learning some new recipes, meeting new varieties of vegetables, and eating delicious food. For farmers, CSA means succession planting, working several varieties of the same vegetable, season extension, and striving for soil quality, plant health, and food variety.  For both eaters and farmers, CSA means cutting out the middle man.  The eaters know where their food came from and how it was grown, and, less talked about, the farmers know where their food is going and how it is being enjoyed. Yeah!

2015 CSA Shares

We are making a few changes to our CSA this year with a smaller share size and price and several more vegetable share options on the fringes of the growing season.  We’ve found that our shares had more food than some could manage, so we are reducing the share size from 7-9 items per week to 4-6 items per week.  We are also rolling out a spring share for greens-lovers in April-May-June, a Fall share for root-crop lovers in  October-November-December, and two holiday shares for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The list below shows our share options for 2015.





Sign up Date

Spring Share

7 weeks

April 18th-June 13th


March 15th

Summer Share

19 weeks

June 20th-October 24th


April 1st

Fall Share

7 weeks

October 31st-December 12th


July 1st

Thanksgiving Share (included in the Fall Share)

1 week

November 21st


August 1st

Christmas Share

1 week

December 21st


November 1st

Everything Share

34 weeks

April 18th-December 21st


March 15th

What’s in the Box?

Folks are naturally curious about what they’ll receive in their weekly shares.  Early on, the shares are typically greener and lighter.  During the height of summer, shares are heavier and more fruity.  As the days shorten, root crops and hearty greens fill the baskets.  Please note that we do not pack the weekly baskets with lots of unusual vegetables.  We grow a few Asian greens like pac choi and mizuna, but we introduce them sparingly among the familiar friends such as cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, lettuce, peas, zucchini, radishes, and so on.  Here are two example shares from early and mid-season:

June Share

Things in a June CSA.
Things in a June CSA.

September Share

What's in September Box
What’s in September Box



Join us!

To join us, send your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses and a check for the share amount payable to Greene Kitchen Farm.  Drop by the farm or mail it to us and let us know if you would like a receipt.  Plan on picking up your box each Saturday morning between 9 and 11 am, and we’ll contact you before the first pick-up date with directions to the farm. 


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  1. Will you be doing a 2016 CSA? If so I would be interested and would like to know how to sign up? Also do you guys take credit cards?

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